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Wednesday, July 25th 2012

12:13 PM

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Related article: Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2007 06:07:03 -0700 (PDT) From: Edward Dufresne Subject: Deklan ch2This story is pure fiction, the events described never happened except in my mind. Thanks to all who gave me feedback. I don't have an editor so may slip up sexy preteen video sometimes. It gay preteens nude is hard to critique your own work, as you don't always see what you wrote rather what you meant to write. If you aren't suppose to be here reading than you know what preteen models photo to do. My own view is that age should not be a factor in reading. But I don't make the laws. I am a huge Kyle XY fan and choose the name Deklan from the boy in that series.In the last chapter Deklan was on his way to the hospital for his broken arm.Ch2 The ride to the hospital was very painful for Deklan it seemed as if the ambulance driver must have been trying to hit ever pothole, preteen old models and bump there was. Even though his arm was in an air cast, each bump made it hurt more. The ride took twenty minutes. As the EMTs were pulling the gurney from the back of the ambulance Deklan's father was standing right there having followed all the way. Deklan was taken into the ER and put in a cubical. Roger, Deklan's dad was right by his side. A nurse came in and gently removed the air cast. "Wow, you sure did a number on your arm, young man, "stated the nurse. Deklan still upset about had happened, stated in a very derogatory voice, "why are you hicks so stupid. I didn't do this, one of your golden boy football players hurt me on purpose, now get out of here before I start screaming." Roger spoke up immediately "Deklan you apologize to the youngest preteens nurse right now. She wasn't saying you did this on purpose." Deklan looked at his dad and became even more angry, he just closed his eyes and said nothing. The nurse realizing what the boy had gone through, and left the cubical without being offended. It was clear that the boy and father were not from around here, their accent was preteengirls in underwear very distinct. She went to find the Dr. to let him know about Deklan's compound fracture on his right arm."Dr Graham the boy in three has a compound fracture of his right arm and is in a lot of pain can you see him right now" asked the nurse? Dr Graham walked over to examine the boy. "I'm Dr Graham," he said as he shook Roger's arm. Dr Graham gently picked up Deklan's right arm and examined it. "Well the arm has a compound fracture for sure, I am going to need x-rays to see how much damage you did to your arm young man, but I will have the nurse give you something for pain right away. Once I see the x-rays I can determine if we will need to operate on your arm to fix it." Before Deklan could respond to the Dr.'s assumption that Deklan was somehow at fault for his broken arm Roger spoke up. "My son was attacked on the gym field at school, please inform your staff of this, your staff keep inferring that he had something to do with the damage to his arm, and the is only causing him to more upset." "I'm sorry Deklan I didn't know "I will inform the staff so that nothing is said to upset you anymore, than you already are. Where are you from , obviously not from around here?" "We just moved here from Boston. I'm the head of production at the new truck plant. Right now I am preteen old models very unhappy with the way my son was treated, we had been assured that new people to the area would be most welcome, but so far my son's experience has been nothing but bad. He was bullied from the moment he sat down in his homeroom and the same bully broke his arm not five minutes into PE class." answered Roger. The nurse came a few minutes later and put an IV line in Deklan's left hand and than gave him some pain medicine in the IV line. "This will porbable make you a little sleepy Deklan. I am going to have an orderly take you to x-ray in a few minutes. About five minutes later a young man dressed in scrubs pushed a wheel chair into the cubical and helped Deklan into the wheelchair. "Do you want me to go with you?" asked his dad? Deklan just shook his head no, and was wheeled away, "I heard some dumb jock took you out in flag football. I swear some of people are such idiots. But, most of the people in Whiting are good , and I know new people fit in real fast. Because when I went to school there new kids came and always fit in after a while. That's how I met my boy, ah,ah, roommate Billy. He moved to Whiting in our freshman year and we became best friends, and we both work here now and share an apartment. So please don't preteen chubby girls judge all the kids there by one or two assholes," said the orderly whose name tag said Justin....................................................................................................................... Back at the school Mrs Olsen called Todd into her office, leaving Brock stewing outside waiting for his father to arrive. "Todd I want you to tell me everything that happened right from the locker-room incident, until Deklan was hurt." "Well we all got dressed for gym, and when Brock saw the squirt he called him a wimpy prettyboy and told him he was in the wrong locker-room that the girls was across the hall. We all got a laugh out of that, but Deklan face got all red. It's not a big deal, guys say stuff youngest preteens like that all the time in the locker-room, and no one pays any attention to it. Then coach blew his whistle for us to get on the field. He said we were playing flag-football. He picked Butch, and Jack to be captains, sexy preteen video and had them choose preteen hair nude teams. The squirt, I mean Deklan didn't get chosen he was the extra kid. Coach asked which captain wanted him, and they both said no, so coach told him to be on Butch's team. I was on the other team with Brock. We were kicking off to Butch's team. preteen cgiworld dreamwiz In the huddle Brock said he was going to show us all what laika girl preteen a pussyboy Deklan was. We all laughed. I thought he was going to pants him. I mean there was us just guys on the field, the girls were inside the gym, preteen lost hymen and no one could see us, it's not a big deal being pants. Sure it is embarrassing to the person, but it's not like we haven't seen each other naked before. We all shower together everyday after gym. When we kicked off I was in the backfield and watched Brock run straight at Deklan he never tried to pants him he just threw a wicked block into him. Brock jumped up and pumped his fist and then trotted back to our side of the field. Butch called a huddle and then went to hike the ball and then saw Deklan laying on the field. He yelled for him to stop being a pussy and get up. Just then the coach noticed Deklan on the ground and ran over. As soon as he saw his arm he sent Butch to the office to call the ambulance. We were all just standing around until you got there and you know what happened after that." "Thank you, Todd, but just a few more questions, I want you to put yourself in Deklan's place for just a minute and imagine yourself in a new school where everything is different from what you have known all your life. You don't know anyone and your first gym class your very maleness is called into question and on top of that your are the smallest kid in the class and no one wants you on their team. How would that make you feel?" Todd, thought for a minute before answering, having lived his whole life in Whiting and growing up with all the kids at the school it wasn't easy to put himself in Deklan's place. "I think I would feel like the kids at the new school were a bunch of dickheads." Mrs Olsen gave a little chuckle and said, "I would say that is pretty much how Deklan must felt. Before he got in the ambulance he was trying to get preteen nude pageant his dad to let him go back to Boston to live with his grandparents. If his dad lets him, it will be all of our faults that a boy and father are separated. Every week I hear your dad preach about preteen nidist model loving each other and our neighbors, I guess you and all the other boys in that class forgot that lesson today didn't you! You can go back to class now, I am going to give you two days in school suspension starting tomorrow for fighting, even though it wasn't your fault, you did hit him back." Todd walked out of Mrs Olsen's office with a lot on his mind, he noticed the Mr Williamson had arrived as he walked to his trig class. Todd tried to concentrate on trig, but kept thinking about how Deklan must have felt and how unfriendly everyone had treated him. Mrs Olsen brought Mr Williamson into her office and explained to him everything that had happened, even the threats that Brock had made to her about her job. "Gary, I know that you and I don't always see eye to eye, but not two weeks ago right in this office you, and I ,and Brock sat here. I told both of you what I expected out of Brock and what would happen if he continued to be a bully. Both of you knew that if he bullied someone again this year, he would be suspended and made ineligible for all sports for the year. You both agreed to that, and here it is only the first day and he has already attacked two other students, as well as threatened me. The boy whose arm he broke is Roger Phelps son the new head of production at the truck plant. Do you have any idea how bad this is going to look for our community. Deklan the boy he hurt in no bigger than a small sixth grader, and Brock is already young ebony preteens over six feet and must weigh close to two hundred pounds." "Are preteen models photo you sure it wasn't an accident, maybe he just ran into the boy," asked Gary? "Yes, Brock told his team he was going to get Deklan. I have Pastor Hartland's son Todd's statement. He told me Brock ran done down the field, and attacked Deklan. Brock is suspended for two weeks and no sports for the rest of the year. Gary, your son needs to see someone, he is a bully, and it is only going to get worse. If he does one more thing this year I will have to have him permanently removed from this school. Think for a minute how that would look for you anime preteen fuck as chairman of the school board. You helped write the rules, and your son is no exception to those rules. Take him home, and straighten him out Gary, before he ends up in jail."................................................................................................................. About twenty minutes after getting back from the x-ray department Dr. Graham came back in and spoke with Roger and Deklan. "We are going to have to operate on your arm Deklan, Dr Forster is our orthopedic surgeon, is in Lexington right now, I spoke with him a few minutes ago and he will be back here in a few hours. We have a 7pm time slot to use the operating room. It will take about an hour to fix your arm. We will have to put in pins and a rod to help you heal. You will have to spend a few days here, until we are sure that everything is ok, than you can go home. As soon as the swelling goes down we will put on a permanent cast, you will have to wear it for at least two months. I am going to have the nurse give you some more pain medicine and another med to relax you. It will most likely put you to sleep. When you wake up everything will be done. Just hang in there sport we'll fix you right up." After being given the two meds Deklan drifted off to sleep. Roger sat in the chair and wondered what he was going to do about Deklan staying here or going back to Boston. Quite tears fell from his eyes, as he remembered how hard it had been to move on after the preteen lost hymen death of his beloved Elsa. He had vowed to hang onto Deklan with all he had to protect and nurture him and give him everything a dad ever could. Boston held too many memories of Elsa's year long battle with cancer. Somehow he had to find an answer that would work for himself and Deklan. There was no way he could leave his new job, Deklan's whole future depended on his ability to earn enough to make it possible for Deklan to do or be anything he wanted to be. At 6:30 Justin, the orderly came and took Deklan to the operating room. Roger asked directions to the hospital chapel. He went inside to find it unoccupied, he knelt and began to pray for guidance. Suddenly he began to feel a sense of peace and it was as if Elsa's spirit was with him in that chapel telling to not let Deklan go anywhere; it would take time, but Deklan would find love and acceptance in Whiting. Roger left the chapel with a renewed sense of purpose and determination about what he was doing was best for Deklan. After classes Todd walked home. He stopped in at his fathers church, Whiting United Methodist, preteen nidist model sat in the back pew, and spent time praying about laika girl preteen what Mrs. Olsen had said to him about how he and his friend had acted towards Deklan. Todd is 16, 5'10" tall, he has brown hair with blond highlight his best friend Tia had insistedwould make him look so hot. Todd and Tia have been best friends since first grade. They are a couple only in the sense that they go and do many things together like other couples, but after trying to make out several times they both realized that being friends worked much better. Most of the students at Whiting highschool thought they were a perfect couple. They let them think that way often walking hand in hand like they did that first day they met on the way to the school cafeteria. Todd has brown eyes and a runners build at 145lbs. He runs cross county in the fall and track in the spring. He work part time at the local Kroger's store. preteen model gabby He is a PK (preachers kid), his father has been the pastor since two years before he was born. He has an older brother, Dean, who is a 2nd student at Kentucky state in Lexington. His older sister is married to a navy man and they are stationed in Virginia. Oh yes he has a smooth body with just preteens models sex hair under his arms and pubes. He is an average with average dick and balls. At supper that night Todd asked his dad if he could talk with him in the office later. Todd cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher, and then knocked on his fathers office door. Todd told his father gay preteens nude everything that happened that day at school. Todd was very upset when he finished telling his dad. "I just feel like such a failure. I could have stopped the whole thing right there in the locker room if I had just spoken up, instead I went along in making fun of Deklan. Dad what am I underage preteen child going to do." "I think you need to find a way to make it up to Deklan and let him know how sorry you are for treating him that way. Then make sure that your friends began to make Deklan fell welcome in the tradition of souther hospitality." "Ok, dad ." After leaving Mrs Olsen's office Gary Williamson grabbed his son Brock by his shirt collar and escorted him out to his car. As soon as they were both seated he opened his cell phone and dialed his models preteen katie brother Jon telling him all that had happened and asking if he could bring Brock there to stay with him for the next year. He told Jon not to spare the rod in preteen brasil an attempt to get Brock out of his bulling ways and back on the right path for life. After agreeing Gary drove home and against his wife's protested drove Brock to his new home two hours away for the next year. At 8:45pm Dr Forster came out of operating room and told Roger that everything had gone well. Deklan was in preteen vombat galleries the recovery room, and Roger would be able to see him in a few minutes. Ten minutes later Roger was standing beside the gurney, "how are you doing sport" he asked? Deklan opened preteen girlsin underwear his eyes and said softly "ok, it doesn't hurt but I am just so tired. How long are going to stay tonight dad"? "Do you want me to stay with you overnight"? "No, just until I get in a room and fall asleep, ok, than you can go home I know you have to be up early to get ready for work". By ten Deklan was in his room barely awake, "go home dad I'll be alright, but when you come tomorrow can you bring me some underwear and my ipod please". "Sure thing sport, I will call you in the morning and get here as soon as I can tomorrow I might not be until after six". "That's ok, dad what about Boston"? "We'll take about it tomorrow. I love you Deklan." Roger leaned down old preteen pics and kissed Deklan's forehead. The next day at school Todd went to the office and asked Mrs Olsen if she had heard anything about Deklan. She informed him that Deklan was still in the hospital and would be there for a few days. "Do you think it would be ok if I went to see him"? "I don't see why not, he might be surprised to find out that a student here cares happy preteen girls enough to go and see him. I'm proud of you Todd for trying to reach out to Deklan. Maybe I was wrong about you not listening to your father's sermons on loving your neighbors." When Roger got up the next morning he called the hospital and checked on Deklan. The nurse told him that Deklan was still asleep and seemed to be resting comfortable. Roger preteen models photo told the nurse he would call back around 8am and if Deklan woke up before than to tell him to expect the call. Roger arrived at work at 6:30am and was kept busy until he took a break and called Deklan. "Hey sport, how are you doing this morning. The nurses told me that you slept pretty fucked preteen pics good only waking up once and needing preteen models photo pain medicine. I will be in to see you as soon as I get off tonight. It might no chinese preteen pussy be until after six, is there anything you want me to bring you?" "Can you bring my ipod and some boxers. Have you called grandma and grandpa yet?" " Yes, I called them after I got home last night. They said they will call you later on today to make sure you were up to talking. Listen sport they need me on the line right now, I'll call you later this afternoon. I love you Deklan more than you will ever know. " "I love you to dad, see you later." Deklan lay in the bed thinking about how much he was going to miss his dad after he moved back to Boston. As he thought about it he began to cry, losing his mom was horrible, he didn't want to lose his dad too. Why couldn't his dad see that they had to move back to Boston? Once school got out Todd walked to the church and knocked on his fathers study door, "dad, do you think I could borrow you car to go and see Deklan? "I think that is a great idea Todd, here are the keys. Just be home in time for work. I'll let mom know where you are and drive careful. I know you are a good driver, but ever time you go off by yourself I worry." Todd arrived at the hospital, and got directions to Deklan's room. When he got there the door was open and Deklan was watching something on the TV. Todd almost turned around and left, what if Deklan didn't want to see him. But, he knew he had to try so he knocked on the door and when Deklan looked up he said, "is it ok to come in." Deklan was so surprised to see Todd that at first he couldn't say anything, he just stared at him. When Deklan didn't respond Todd turned to leave, but, Deklan said, " don't leave, why are you here ?" Todd walked slowly to the foot of the bed where he lowered his eyes. Because when he saw Deklan's arm all bandaged and attached to the board he was filled with shame that even though free preteen naturalist he wasn't directly at fault he still felt guilty. "I wanted to come and see if you are ok, and I want to apologize to you; because I laughed when Brock said you belonged in the girls locker room. All my life my dad has taught me to love others and never prejudge anyone. If I had said something right then maybe you wouldn't have a broken arm right now. real preteens chat Even when Brock said he was going to get you I didn't say anything, I thought he was just going to pants you. That happens to most freshman in PE it is like a rite of passage into highschool at Whiting highschool." "YOU KNEW THAT BROCK WAS GOING TO TRY TO HURT ME!!!!!!" "NO, if I thought for a minute that he was going to try and hurt you, I would have stopped him cold. But, I should have stopped him the minute he said it." Deklan was looking at Todd's bowed head and he saw preteens models cp two tears leak out of his eyes. "I just wanted to say sorry I'm no better than Brock, but, most people at the school aren't like me. When you come return to school, I know you won't ever want anything to do with me, but I promise that I will do everything in my power to make sure you are safe. I will also help you to meet nice kids, I am going to go now. I'm just so sorry about your arm, bey." Todd turned to leave, Deklan couldn't believe that Todd was so ashamed of his behavior, he never would have thought any kid at the school would admit to doing something wrong to him. Todd was just stepping out the door when Deklan said, "wait, please, come back," Todd turned looking back and said, "are you sure"? "Yea, it sounds like you have a lot of respect for your dad, well I feel the same way about my dad, he has always told me that it take a real man to admit he has made a mistake, and to say sorry, the other thing he says is it takes just as big of a man to accept the apology and let it go. Dad says it is just like Jesus when he forgives us. It is like it never happened, I can't promise I will ever forget, but I believe you, so why don't we start over. I'm Deklan." he said as he put out his left hand to shake. "I'm Todd," he said as the two shook hands. "Why don't you pull up preteen vombat galleries the chair so we can talk easier." Todd pulled the chair up to the side of Deklan's bed, not sure what to say. "Why don't I tell you about myself, I'm a PK, my dad has been a pastor my whole life. That isn't easy, everything I do is scrutinized preteen thong abercrombie it seems that everyone expects a PK to be perfect. On top of that my older brother Brian is just so perfect, top of his class, and a superjock. All the teachers, and coaches expect me to do the same, even though he graduated four years ago. I'm sixteen, an A-B student, I run crosscounty in the fall and track in the spring, so the fact that I don't play football or baseball makes me a disappointment to the school. I like music and video games, oh yes I work part time at Krogers. My best friend is Tia, we met in 1st grade and have been tight ever since. No, we preteens girl gallery aren't boyfriend and girlfriend but we do everything preteen old models together as a couple. That's me in a nutshell." "Wow, so do you like church or do just go because you dad makes you?" "Dad doesn't make me go, I like going to church, there is a great youth group that is a lot of fun. I even help teach the younger kids Sunday school if one of the teachers is not there. I know this will probable sound corny to you, but I went to the church yesterday afternoon and prayed for you and asked God what I should do about how I acted. Then last night I talked to my dad about it. Most of the people around here go to church every week. Some of the kids don't go, but most of them do. Do you and your dad ever go to church?" "We used to when mom was alive, but after she died we stopped going. What kind of God would let my mom suffer so much with cancer and die such a painful death. I know Jesus died for our sins, but preteen hair nude I don't want anything more to do with him." "I kind of understand what you are saying, when my grandma got killed in an auto accident, I felt the same way. But my dad helped me to understand that only God knows the reason for things like that. He explained to me that God gave us free will, and sometimes people choose to do bad things, like the drunk driver who killed my grandma. Now I know your mom didn't choose to get cancer, but she did and I'm sure if she could talk to you right now, she would say that you need to believe in God. She would tell you how wonderful it is in heaven, and how she isn't sick anymore or in pain. If you think of her in those terms it might make it easier to deal nude preteen movies with her death." "I guess I never thought of it that way. I'm not sure I will ever go back to that school, Brock will probable erotica preteens girls try and hurt me again as soon as he can. I am so different than the rest of you I talk different, and dress different. I play sports like golf and imageboard preteen nude tennis. I look like a girl and sound like a girl and am still a little bald baby. Where I went to school, we didn't have to shower after PE, so no one knew I hadn't started puberty yet. But, the first time I shower everyone will know and I will be the laughing stock of the school. Do you see why I can't go back? But, if I go back to Boston and live with my grandparents I will miss my dad like crazy. No matter what I do it will suck." "First of all Brock is gone for the rest of the year, his dad sent him to live with his uncle for a year to try and get him back on the right path. As for the showers, we have an iron clad rule at Whiting school that coach Jon taught us when we started having to take showers in sixth grade. Never make fun of someone else's dick and balls and nude preteen movies what you see and hear in the free preteen naturalist locker room stays in the locker room. None of the other boys will tease you or say anything about how you look. For three years of middleschool everyday coach Jon would tell us that rule it never gets violated. As for how you talk, well it is different, but after a while you will fit in and you can dress any way you want. I'm sure your dad can buy you jeans and t-shirts if you want to dress like most of us do. I promise, if you will give me a chance I will be your friend and let people know to not bother you. If you come to youth-group you will make friends there and that will help you at school too. Oh shoot, I have to get going I have to be at work by six. It was real nice meeting you Deklan, I won't be able to come and see you tomorrow dad needs the car. But I will call and talk to you if you want me to. Have you got something to write with I will give you my cell phone number and our home number if you need anything you can call, that is if you want it want my number." "Are you sure no one will make fun of me?" "Yes, I will make sure of young ebony preteens it ok." "I am sure the nurse's station must a pen and paper, I don't know how long I am going to be here. I will call and let you know when I am going to get out. Oh, yea when does your youth group meet?" "We meet on Thursday evenings at the church I could pick you up if you need a ride, my dad lets me use the car to pick up a few other kids who don't have rides." "I can't promise you anything I'm still not sure if I am going to stay here. But, I will call you either way and let you know. I want to thank you for coming here Todd and if I stay underage preteen child I would like to be friends too." Todd and Deklan knocked knuckles and Todd left to go home to get ready for work. preteen chubby girls Well that is it for ch2 I know this is a gay story but sex will only happen when it is at the right time and place, it might not be even between Todd and Deklan they are just the first characters introduced to ha ha you will just have to preteengirls in underwear stayed tuned in and wait. Feed back is always nice to get nygfof6yahoo.com Thank Ed
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